Remote Monitoring

Amaze Power has several solutions available for Remote Monitoring your power generation based on the specific needs of our clients. Our solutions range from simple monitoring of minor factors to power systems equipped with Modbus protocols. When power is expected to be uninterrupted 24/7 then our Remote Monitoring is the ideal solution for you.

“It is like having a technician on site 24 hours a day!”

Remote Monitoring can be most helpful for emergency power generators as it monitors engine operations and detects pre-alarms or failures. This insures our clients of increased generator availability and a rapid response to service problems so that they can be identified beforehand. Here are some of the standard features of Remote Monitoring:

  • Check fuel levels
  • Check oil levels & pressure
  • Check battery status
  • Check water temperature
  • Generator runtime, current and generated power output
  • Generates alarms to designated Technical Staff

Additionally many more options can be included based on client requirement.