AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a service agreement from Amaze Power through which we provide scheduled services to any generator for ensuring trouble free operation. Through this contract, our clients are entitled for scheduled maintenance of the generator sets as following:

  • Option – 1 (12 + 12):    12 Emergency calls and 12 schedule calls per year
  • Option – 2 (6 + 6):    6 Emergency calls and 6 schedule calls per year

Support Levels

Amaze Power provides immediate response either by phone, e-mail, and fax or in person to any of our clients’ queries related to maintenance of the generator sets.  Our Service Team will respond in a stipulated time to fix the specific fault / problem along with routine maintenance check-up.

RMS: Routine Maintenance Support

Routine maintenance is carried out by Amaze Power for the contracted months and mutually agreed schedules. Amaze Power Service Team will visit the site based on prior schedule to carry out a full system check of your generator set along with a full Test Report for each visit.

OCMS: On Call Maintenance Support

Amaze Power is ready to provide On Call Maintenance Support which is available to the Client as per individual Clients’ requirement for any maintenance related issues.

EMS: Emergency Maintenance Support

The emergency support is available to our Clients on 365 Days basis to handle critical service requests anytime, anywhere.