Petlas Tires – Track of Trust

Tires are the car’s only link with the ground. All the maneuvers you do while driving, traction, braking and steering depend on tires. In fact, a whole list of car attributes depends on the tires’ characteristics such as:

  • Car Power
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Maximum Speed Capability
  • Load Index
  • Appearances

Amaze Power is the exclusive agent of world re known tire brand Petlas. After its establishment in 1976, the company has been manufacturing tires of global standards. The entire line-up of Petlas tires meets all necessary safety & environment regulations to obtain certification of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and Environment Management System according to ISO 14001 as well as many others. We are offering tires for the following vehicles:

  • Passenger Car
  • SUV / 4×4
  • Light Truck
  • Truck / Bus
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial OTR
  • Forklift
  • Military Land Vehicles
  • Military Aircraft


Petlas – Corporate AV

At Amaze Power, we understand how crucial logistic support can be for your industry and the importance of your goods reaching the destination on time with safety. Our tires are designed to run with the longest durability that ensures highest optimization.